Book Clubs

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Crafty Literary Ladies

Crafty Literary Ladies Book Club

We are an Oshawa-based book club. Currently we have nine members and we read a diverse range of books, mostly by American and Canadian authors. We’ve had Ann Y.K. Choi visit in the past and would love to connect with new authors.

The Rougemount Book Club

Author Karen Grose & the Rougemount Book Club

A Toronto-based group that gets together monthly to explore new titles, discuss different points of view and interpret characters, metaphors and themes in novels. Members take turns selecting the books that are read.

Caledon Women’s Book Club

Author Uzma Jalaluddin & the Caledon Women’s Book Club

The Caledon Women’s Book Club has been meeting every other month during the school year since September 2007. Members rotate who hosts, chooses and facilitates the book. While tastes vary, we seem to favour historical fiction and Canadian authors.  In recent years we have been thrilled to host Ann Y.K.Choi, Terry Fallis and Uzma Jalaluddin at our gatherings.  While our membership and numbers fluctuate between 7 and 12 women, we all enjoy our semi monthly break to connect with other women and lovers of the printed word.  Inviting authors, something we only started to do four years ago, enriches our experience and appreciation for the reading.  Being in a book club has been a way of building community and bonds in our otherwise busy and sometimes impersonal world.  Long live book clubs!