A Note to Authors:

Thank you for your interest in our initiative. We have decided to take break from adding new authors (we still have several waiting to be added) in order to shift our focus to engaging our current list of authors with book clubs. We hope to welcome new writers again sometime in the future. Please note that we are not keeping a waiting list.

Due to the overwhelming author responses, and based on the feedback we have received from our private book club members, we have changed our author eligibility criteria effective February 1st, 2020.

Private book clubs are our primary audience. They have requested that authors of more literary fiction titles be added to balance the short story collections, crime/thrillers, and memoirs already listed on this website. They also want easy access to authors’ books in retail outlets or bookstores across Canada. 

The Authors’ Book Club is committed to meeting the needs of both private book clubs and authors. Please review our goal and objectives.

Author Eligibility Criteria as of Feb 2020

  1. The author must live in Canada as a citizen or permanent resident.
  2. The authors’ work must contain fiction or creative non-fiction titles. 
  3. The authors’ books must be published in English, either originally or in translation. (For translated works, the original must be written by an author living in Canada.)
  4. Authors’ books must carry an ISBN number and be available for sale in retail/bookstores across Canada.

Please note this criteria can change at any time as our website continues to grow and evolve. Thank you again for your interest in this initiative.

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