About Lynn McPherson

Lynn has worked for the Royal Canadian Mounted Police, ran a small business, and taught English across the globe. She has travelled the world solo, where her daring spirit has led her to jump out of airplanes, dive with sharks, and learn she would never master a surfboard. Lynn serves on the Crime Writers of Canada Board of Directors, currently representing Toronto and Southwestern Ontario, and is the author of the Izzy Walsh Mystery Series. Her latest book, The Girls Dressed For Murder, came out in August 2019.

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From the publisher:

It’s 1958 in the cozy coastal town of Twin Oaks and amateur sleuth Isabelle Walsh is armed with a fresh perspective, two years after tragedy strikes. The first stop on her journey back to joy is the best little dress shop in town—introduced to her by best friend and fashion fiend, Ava Russell.

Izzy falls in love with the store and its style. So, when the boutique is marred by murder, Izzy wants to help. But with more suspects to choose from than a spring collection, she isn’t sure where to start.

Can Izzy unravel the twisted truth or will she become the victim of a deadly trend? Find out in the third book in the Izzy Walsh Mystery Series!


“A delightful cozy mystery, filled with wonderful characters and fast paced action, this is one mystery fans won’t want to miss.”

Taylor Jones, The Review Team of Taylor Jones & Regan Murphy

“Charming, intriguing, and fast paced, The Girls Dressed for Murder takes us back to a simpler time, when family, love, and friendship was all that mattered. Join Izzy for yet another adventure in this quaint little village. You’ll be glad you did.”

Regan Murphy, The Review Team of Taylor Jones & Regan Murphy

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