About Laura Pratt

Laura Pratt is a journalist, editor and writer who has written for Canadian magazines for three decades. These days, she mostly makes her living as a book editor for self-publishing authors. Her second book, Heartbroken: Field Notes on a Constant Condition, was published in early 2023 by Penguin Random House Canada. She is a 2020 graduate of King’s creative nonfiction MFA. She lives in Toronto with her dog and whatever kids she can corral to come around.

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From the publisher:

When Laura Pratt’s long-distance partner of six years tells her “it’s over” at a busy downtown train station, she is sent reeling, the breakup coming out of the blue. He, meanwhile, closes himself off, refusing to acknowledge Laura and her requests for explanation.

In the following days, months and then years, Laura struggles to make sense of this sudden ending, alone and filled with questions. A journalist, she seeks to understand the freefall that is heartbreak and how so many before her survived it, drawing on forces across time and form, and uncovers literary, philosophical, scientific and psychological accounts of the mysterious alchemy of how we human beings fall in love in the first place, and why, when it ends, some of us take longer to get over it, or never do. She weaves this background of cultural history with her own bracing story of passionate love and its loss, and offers some hope for arriving—changed, broadened, grateful—on the other side.


“Pratt candidly takes us through the throes of heartbreak… Her language is raw and emotional, her journey entirely relatable. She tempers this emotion with a journalistic approach to dealing with heartbreak, including data, quotes, studies and cultural references about love, loss, grief and moving on.”

Toronto Star

“There is such rare beauty in the candid generosity of Pratt’s words as she invites us to indulge our broken hearts, then take the pieces and build something new with the knowledge she has shared. Many will feel seen and comforted by this beautiful work of emotional art.”

Marissa Stapley, author

“Laura Pratt is fearless with her mesmerizing account of aching vulnerability. Her commitment to honesty and authenticity is mind-blowing, and her generosity with sharing such a harrowing take on love is unparalleled. Her heart will mean the world to readers.”

Anne T. Donahue, author