About Hannah Mary McKinnon

Hannah was born in the UK, grew up in Switzerland and moved to Canada in 2010. After a successful career in recruitment, she quit the corporate world in favor of writing. Her first novel was rom-com, Time After Time (2016), after which Hannah switched to the darker side of suspense with The Neighbors (2018), Her Secret Son (2019), Sister Dear (2020), and You Will Remember Me (2021). She lives in Oakville, Ontario, with her husband and three sons, and is delighted by her twenty-second commute.

Her newest novel, Never Coming Home, was published by MIRA Books in May 2022.

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From the publisher:

Lucas Forester didn’t hate his wife. Michelle was brilliant, sophisticated, and beautiful. Sure, she had extravagant spending habits and that petty attitude, a total disregard for anyone below her status. But she also had a lot to offer. Most notably, wealth that only the one percent could comprehend.

For years, Lucas has been honing a flawless plan to inherit Michelle’s fortune. Unfortunately, it involves taking a hit out on her.

Every track is covered, no trace left behind, and now Lucas plays the grieving husband so well he deserves an award. But when a shocking photo and cryptic note show up on his doorstep, Lucas goes from hunter to prey. 

Someone is on to him. And they’re closing in.


“If you want to read a thriller that will make you stay up all night, pulse-racing until you finish, read this one! Hannah Mary McKinnon is an evil genius and Never Coming Home is a wicked, twisty, devious delight. I devoured this impeccably plotted, delectably propulsive thriller which had me positively gasping at all the twists and turns. With razor-sharp wit as pointed as a switchblade, McKinnon has created that rare thriller: one in which the reader is actively rooting for the villain! Lucas Forester is one of the most likeable unlikable characters in crime fiction. A must-read for 2022!” 

May Cobb, author of The Hunting Wives

“Never Coming Home is a delightful foray into the mind of a witty, charming psychopath. With relentless pacing, dark humour, and startling twists, readers will be torn between wanting to continue the journey or discover its shocking conclusion.”

Robyn Harding, internationally bestselling author of The Perfect Family

“Devious, incredibly clever, and darkly funny, Never Coming Home is an addictive, page-turning thriller. Lucas Forester is magnetic, sympathetic, and so compelling that you literally want him to get away with murder. Hannah Mary McKinnon writes with expert twists, flawless pacing, and remarkable character development in a knock-out novel with superior sleight-of-hand. It will make you both laugh and gasp out loud.” 

Samantha M. Bailey, USA Today and #1 national bestselling author of Woman on the Edge