About Dennis Bock

Dennis is an author, travel writer, book reviewer, and creative writing lecturer. His books have been shortlisted for the Scotiabank Giller Prize, the Amazon/Books in Canada First Novel Award, and the International IMPAC Dublin Literary Award. He has been a writer-in-residence at Yaddo, the Banff Centre, Fundación Valparaíso in Spain, and Santa Maddalena in Italy. His short stories have won several awards and have appeared in Glimmer TrainThe Penguin Book of Canadian Short Stories, and The Journey Prize Stories. Bock lives in Toronto.

Dennis’s newest novel, The Good German, was released in fall 2020.

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From the publisher:

In November 1939, a German anti-fascist named Georg Elser came as close to assassinating Adolf Hitler as anyone ever had. In this gripping novel of alternate history, he doesn’t just come close—he succeeds. But he could never have imagined the terrible consequences that would follow from this act of heroism. 

Hermann Göring, masterful political strategist, assumes the Chancellery and quickly signs a non-aggression treaty with the isolationist president Joseph Kennedy that will keep America out of the war that is about to engulf Europe. Göring rushes the German scientific community into developing the atomic bomb, and in August 1944, this devastating new weapon is tested on the English capital. 

London lies in ruins. The war is over, fascism prevails in Europe, and Canada, the Commonwealth holdout in the Americas, suffers on as a client state of the Soviet Union. Georg Elser, blinded in the A-bombing of London, is shipped to Canada and quarantined in a hospice near Toronto called Mercy House. Here we meet William Teufel, a German-Canadian boy who in the summer of 1960 devises a plan that he hopes will distance himself from his German heritage and, unwittingly, brings him face to face with the man whose astonishing act of heroism twenty-one years earlier set the world on its terrifying new path.


“How would history have unfolded had Hitler been assassinated? A gripping and rather terrifying read — particularly since Hermann Göring logically becomes chancellor.”

Toronto Star

“A cunning, twisted, compelling tale of deeply unexpected consequences.”

Margaret Atwood

“In young William Teufel, Bock gives us a character of melancholy complexity, a boy caught between loyalties, whose world is being unmade even as he struggles to find his place within it. This is a startling novel.”

Steven Price